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Santiago Saw Things Differently

Young Santiago is an artist, but his father expects him to toss his pencil and paper aside and become a doctor. As he studies science, however, Santiago realizes that his artistic streak means he sees things differently: trees, rivers, and even the human body. In fact, his talent might just be the key to unlocking complicated questions about tiny structures in our brains, changing the world of medicine forever.

2024 Silver Medalist, Bank Street College of Education Cook Prize

“Whether for the art shelves or the science collection, this biography cannot go deep, but it covers the surface events of Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s journey in a way that is breathtaking, unbelievable, and inspiring.”—Starred review, School Library Journal

“A picture book showing the value of the A in the STEAM field.”—Booklist

“Brightly illuminates a brilliant and multitalented yet unjustly obscure scientist.” —Kirkus

“Iverson writes with delicacy, evoking childhood moments that were formative for Santiago: “The room was lit by a wisp of light... just enough light for drawing.” —Publishers Weekly​

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